Samsung Smart Switch for Windows

Samsung Smart Switch Samsung Smart Switch is a simple-to-use device for transferring information that is stored on other mobile phones and other smartphones to Samsung phones. Samsung Smart Switch seamlessly transfers contacts, images video, music messages, notes calendars, and other content to every Samsung Galaxy device. Enjoy!

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Features and Highlights

Seamless, Time-saving Content Transfer

Other software for content transfer require a lot of time. Smart Switch offers a simple DIY tool to migrate your data that you can set up at your home. Through Smart Switch, you can transfer all your personal data applications, media, and other data through one platform and without the need to use several tools.

Simple, Do-it-Yourself

With Smart Switch’s simple-to-use and intuitive tool for transferring content You are able to switch to other smartphones without worrying about losing your personal data. It allows you to transfer your personal content and apps from your home, and whenever you want to.

Maintain Control of Your Lifestyle

Many people are unaware of the multitude of apps available for Samsung phones. For instance there are over 700,000 apps that are available through Google Play. In this vast collection of app stores, Smart Switch helps you locate your most loved apps, so you do not need to look for them separately. Smart Switch gives you the assurance that your apps are transferred.

Free Content Transfer Service, Easy Download

Simply download, click and go: Smart Switch is up and running in a matter of seconds and allows users to easily transfer content and without any fees or costs.

Upgrading the content on your Samsung Galaxy phone with fast and simple transfer of content

Smart Switch Mobile offers you the simplest, most efficient and most secure way to transfer your data to your previous phone to a the latest Galaxy smartphone. It allows you to transfer content such as videos, music photos, memos, calendars, messages, contacts as well as other files that are saved on your phone.