CoinDesk Apologizes to Alex Grebnev: We Were Wrong

CoinDesk Apologizes to Alex Grebnev

• CoinDesk published a story that made incorrect claims about Alex Grebnev which they have since apologized for.
• The article has been taken down and will not be republished.
• CoinDesk apologizes unequivocally for their error.


On 25 May 2023 CoinDesk published a story claiming that Alameda-Backed ‘Samcoins’ CEO Alex Grebnev was being sued by Coin Telegraph Owner Gregory Fishman in the High Court in London over a 2020 US$750,000 option agreement. This claim turned out to be incorrect and so CoinDesk has taken the article down and issued an apology.

Statement from CoinDesk

CoinDesk issued a statement apologizing “unequivocally” for their error and confirming that the claims in the litigation do not allege any misconduct on Mr Grebnev’s part. They also stated that they have removed the article and will not be republishing it.

Continued Coverage

CoinDesk continues to cover all news related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital assets with accuracy and integrity as our top priority.


The staff at CoinDesk are committed to providing up-to-date, accurate information regarding all aspects of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and digital assets. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding caused by this incident and will strive harder than ever going forward to ensure we uphold our mission of delivering reliable news coverage across all areas of crypto finance.