Bitcoin’s price has risen more than 230% since last Christmas of 2019

Cryptomoeda accumulates valuation that has more than tripled in the last twelve months.

The price of Bitcoin doesn’t stop surprising, even at Christmas. In the last 24 hours, cryptomoeda had a jump of about 5% and broke another record price, right after being quoted for almost US$ 24,600.

With this quote, in Brazil the price of Bitcoin ‚bumped‘ at $ 129,000 for the first time in the history of cryptomoeda this Friday (25). As well as in US dollars, BTC also broke a record in reais.

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However, if one considers the price of Bitcoin at Christmas in 2019, the growth of cryptomeda is even greater. According to data from CoinMarketCap, in one year BTC’s price jumped over 230%.

BTC at Christmas

Christmas is being generous for the price of Bitcoin, which broke another historical record recently. Without considering this sudden increase, the accumulated value of cryptomeda in the last twelve months in the market corresponds to an accumulated 230%.

Bitcoin’s price offers a Christmas gift of $24,500, with another historic record

Thus considering the turn between December 24 and 25, the price of Bitcoin jumped from $ 7,178.32 on Christmas 2019, to be worth about $ 23,744.39 in the early hours of December 25, 2020.

That is, between the two Christmases, the price of Bitcoin more than tripled in the market for cryptomorphs. However, this Christmas 2020 the price of Bitcoin continued to rise, breaking records in dollars and Brazilian reais that were never seen in the market.

Bitcoin price breaks record

Besides celebrating the Christmas festive day, investors in the cryptomoedas market also celebrate the sudden increase in Bitcoin’s price this Friday (25).

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A few days ago the price of Bitcoin broke US$ 20 thousand for the first time in the market, and it seems that cryptomoeda will end the year breaking historical records.

Only this Friday (25) the price of BTC broke records in dollars and in reais simultaneously, when it was quoted at around $ 24,600, or almost $ 129,000 in the Brazilian market for cryptomoeda.

So, if we consider this increase in Bitcoin price this Christmas, since the last Christmas holiday in 2019 cryptomoeda accumulated about 242.5%, instead of 230%.