Reddito da criptaggio passivo dalle risorse inutilizzate del vostro PC?

Domanda retorica veloce: Come spende la potenza di calcolo del vostro PC da gioco di fascia alta mentre voi non giocate? Quando navighi su Facebook, scrivi e-mail o trasmetti in streaming Netflix, per esempio. Naturalmente, la risposta è che spende solo una piccola frazione della sua capacità di picco, mentre non svolge attività ad alto […]

Bitcoin se négocie sur le côté pendant que Ethereum et Altcoins se rassemblent

Le prix du Bitcoin se négocie toujours bien en dessous de la zone de résistance de 38000 USD. Ethereum a gagné 10% et a cassé la résistance de 1300 USD, le XRP montre des signes positifs au-dessus de 0,280 USD. RSR, ENJ et UMA sont en hausse de plus de 15%. Le prix du Bitcoin […]

This new bitcoin ETP is set to launch on Swiss exchange

The Swiss stock exchange SIX is getting a new member. As of today, the new Bitcoin ETP from the asset managers of Coinshares is on board. As long as Bitcoin ETFs, at least on the renowned stock markets of this world, are still dreams of the future, other Bitcoin ETPs will have to do. An […]


Ethereum is vandaag de dag hoger gelegen naast Bitcoin en de rest van de crypto-markt. De kracht die de laatste tijd wordt gezien, komt omdat Bitcoin Lifestyle enige serieuze afstand legt tussen de recente dieptepunten en het huidige prijsniveau. Dit wijst erop dat de stieren in volledige controle zijn en een ,,V-vormig“ herstel willen vormen […]

L’Inde va imposer une taxe de 18% sur le commerce des bitcoins

Le gouvernement prévoit de classer Bitcoin comme un actif incorporel afin de collecter 1 milliard de dollars en taxe sur les échanges commerciaux de la BTC. Le Bureau central d’intelligence économique de l’Inde Le Bureau central d’intelligence économique de l’Inde (CEIB), une partie importante du ministère indien des finances, a proposé au gouvernement d’imposer une […]

Bitcoin rally is ‚just beginning‘, says Mati Greenspan

„There is a distinct possibility that we may see a few days of 250% earnings, or even more“. In a newsletter released today, Quantum Economics founder said that Bitcoin’s recent high of over $23,000 – a gain of about 29% in one week – does not necessarily mean the market is „overheating“ and heading for […]

Bitcoin’s price has risen more than 230% since last Christmas of 2019

Cryptomoeda accumulates valuation that has more than tripled in the last twelve months. The price of Bitcoin doesn’t stop surprising, even at Christmas. In the last 24 hours, cryptomoeda had a jump of about 5% and broke another record price, right after being quoted for almost US$ 24,600. With this quote, in Brazil the price […]

Il primo Bitcoiner sarebbe stato un miliardario

Il primo Bitcoiner sarebbe stato un miliardario se non avesse fatto il tutto esaurito nel 2012 -L’adottante di bitcoin Martti Malmi sarebbe stato un miliardario se non avesse venduto il suo bitcoin prima del 2012. -L’ex sviluppatore aveva estratto circa 55k sul suo portatile tra il 2009 e il 2010. L’ex sviluppatore di bitcoin e […]

Binance Coin (BNB) Finds Support After $ 32 Reject

BNB is trading between support at $ 26.50 and resistance at $ 32. Both daily and weekly indicators are bearish. The BNB / BTC pair created a double dip pattern. Binance Coin (BNB) price has struggled to break above the resistance of $ 32 since the end of August. The indicator have turned bearish and […]

Bitcoin new all-time high by the middle of the week? What analysts are now predicting

Bitcoin bulls should prepare for another rally-like upward move, according to an independent analyst. Bullish signals The pseudonymous user tweeted on Monday that BTC / USD is being traded within what appears to be a bullish continuation structure. The pattern known as the “bull pennant” forms when an asset enters a phase of consolidation after […]